Answers to common questions

If I open a store, what kind of commission will I earn?

You will earn 30% commission on the total sale price of orders placed in your store (excluding shipping). You may also allow your products to be sold in the Inktastic Marketplace, where you will recieve a 10% commissions. Additionally, you may make your products available to sell on other marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay,, etc. For sales on these marketplaces you will recieve 10% commissions of the net price after the marketplace selling fees are deducted from the sales price.

When do I get paid?

We pay monthly and to account for our 30 day return policy, each month we pay for the sales from two months ago. For example, sales made in January will be paid in March. Checks will be mailed when the amount due is at least $50. Click on Sales Report on the adminstration page to see your current sales. Sales show up in this report as soon as they occur (there may be a delay of a few hours for sales on marketplaces).

What are the steps involved in opening and building a store?

  1. Register a domain name (or use one you already have registered) that you can point to our server. If you don't have one yet, we recommend using as we have an account with them and can better help you with issues that may come up. You do not need a hosting account, just a domain name. We host your store.
  2. Create an account at Inktastic and login
  3. Create a store under that account. You can create multiple stores under a single account. Your stores appear in a table when you log into your Inktastic account.
  4. Point your domain to our server and wait the time needed for the address change to take place (typically an hour).
  5. Click the "Login" link under the store column in the store table. This logs you into your store. Any text in green is to help you build your store and doesn't appear when you log out or when customers shop.
  6. Click on Edit Gallery in the side bar of your store. This only appears when you are logged in.
  7. Add categories for your designs. You can rename, reorder and nest your categories as needed.
  8. Select a category and add designs to it.
  9. Log back onto the Inktastic adminstrator page
  10. Click on Edit under the Store Info column of your store list table and edit any information you need, including setting a header logo image for your store.
  11. Set the color scheme for your store
  12. Market your store. We process the orders, ship them, pay the commissions, but customers get your logo on their receipts and packing lists for all orders placed in your store. Work to get customers and many of them will return to your store for future orders.

I registered my domain with, how do I point it to the Inktastic server?

  1. Log into your account at godaddy
  2. Click on my domains in the left sidebar
  3. Click on your domain name
  4. Click on total dns control
  5. Click on the edit icon for the @ record
  6. Change the address to and save the changes.
  7. Wait an hour and try to load your domain name and you should see your store.

My store is set up, can I order from it at a discount?

Yes, login to your store like you would to edit your gallery and you can order at discounted rates while logged in. Note: You don't get commissions for these orders, but do get a significant discount. Order for yourself, or to drop ship orders you sold at places other than your Inktastic store (such as selling items on eBay).